human potential iS our what. accessing the unique role stories play in the human operating system is our how.

The Institute of Narrative Growth unlocks human potential and advances wellbeing for all via tools, trainings, and coaching. Stories are more than curated words, they are mirrors, inheritances, and amplifiers. Woven together into collective consciousness, they create narratives that serve as the engine of personal and social identities. Stories play a unique role in the human operating system and while they may not be the answer to every problem, they open doors to the emotional world and internal reasoning that drive human behavior from the way we treat others, to the way we treat ourselves. 

Stories mean infinite possibilities.

What we do

After 15 years of global experience serving public and private sectors, we advance personal well being and social good through the intentional scaling of impact powered by a small circle, big ripple training model.                   

Thought leaders, change makers, and the person you see in the mirror all share something in common: a desire to remix that ever present loop tape of doubt and to create a clear runway for launching a more brilliant version of themselves. We do both.

A hummingbird once said: a better world begins with a better story. We curate language and design stories in ways that place an emotion inside another human being. Empathy is the agent of carefully crafted themes built upon ideas that nourish.

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