The Institute of Narrative Growth designs interactive trainings that maximize impact by encouraging creativity and calculated risk. Our formats range from 180 minute skill shares to weekend co-laboratories to online journeys that span 30 days. Each session is built upon our customized plug-and-play format that includes a tool kit of best practices, fabulous failures, and proven accessible methods for growth. 

We practice breakout sessions, experience walls, storytelling, and people centered design so every participant goes beyond surface conversation into a deeper engagement with memory, future, and now.

The era of the passive audience is over.

Who IT'S For

  • Creative Change Makers
  • International Development
  • Medical Humanities and Social Workers
  • Educators (Formal & Informal)
  • Museum Curators and Programming
  • Youth Leadership
  • Social Entrepeneurs 



  • Trauma and Growth Foundations
  • Storytelling for Impact
  • Human Centered Design
  • Citizen Journalism
  • Self Care for Change Makers
  • 10 Key Principles of Narrative Growth




Leadership TEAMS & Curators: 

The power of story to galvanize communities for social change is well documented, from the Kennedy School of Government to the Rockefeller Foundation's report on Digital Storytelling for Social Impact. Storytelling is powerful, yet too often misused to create community for the sake of political outcome. How does one cultivate change in ways that strengthen community relationships and recognize community members are more than a means to an end? Our team challenges and nurtures small groups in skills such as: theories of change, how to crowd-source stories, mapping productive dialogues, and how to speak lived experience in ways that do not re-traumatize the storyteller.


CHANGEMAKERS & International Development Groups: 

There are few skills as underutilized and badly needed in change making and the international development sphere as story editing, and cultural humility. In our assessment of several groups across countries, we could not help but notice the absence of the relationship between changing self and changing structures. We support teams in co-designing storytelling spaces, invite narratives of pivotal events as the communities experienced it, flag key issues and trends, an introduction to needs assessment, all as part of revitalizing the original spirit of international development.


Social Entreprenurs & startups: 

Imagine your most treasured ideas being pitched in a voice that is unimaginative, emotionally numb, and monotone with a body that fears public speaking and a mind with little understanding of a story arch. Now imagine language that dances across the geography of imagination, articulating the future in ways that move the human heart via the key principles of impact speaking & narrative growth. From effective idea communication to leadership, the ability to design, deliver and curate a compelling story is invaluable.


MEDICAL GROUPS & Human Development: 

Practitioners tasked with advancing well being are acutely aware of the relationship between culture, story, and human behavior. The amount of research emerging from the neuroscience is rapidly transforming our understanding of genetic memory, emotional intelligence, and physiological health. What is clear in this moment is this: a failure to understand a patient or a client’s story can result in a devastating misunderstanding of a core need. We design trainings for neuroscientists, social workers, caretakers and service providers to bridge the over medical and the over mystical, utilizing proven methods centered on cultural humility fostered within individual and large group settings.